How to Rent & Protect RV for Burning Man?

How to Rent & Protect RV for Burning Man?

Are you seeking new adventures to quench your thirst for travel? Burning Man, an enchanting festival in the heart of the Nevada desert, could be your next destination. While I've long yearned to participate, the pandemic and ticket availability proved challenging. However, this year could finally see me setting foot in Black Rock City, and I am considering renting an RV for the journey. In this article, I'll share insights I've gleaned while researching how to secure an RV for this extraordinary event and protect it on the playa.

Over time, I've consulted with experienced attendees and rental owners, who've offered invaluable advice on selecting the perfect RV, potential costs, and the necessary preparations.

Do you need an RV for Burning Man? Delivery vs Pick Up

Before diving into the process of renting an RV for Burning Man, let's discuss the pros and cons. The benefits are quite appealing: privacy, convenience of a private toilet and shower, the ability to cook fresh food with an available fridge, a comfortable bed to rest in, and a refuge from the ubiquitous desert dust. Yet, there are downsides. Renting an RV is not cheap, and despite your best efforts, dust may still find its way inside. Furthermore, RVs require a noisy generator, and securing an RV rental for Burning Man is no easy task due to high demand and restrictions on occupant numbers.

Cost is a significant factor to consider when renting an RV for Burning Man. We have found two primary options: delivery and pick-up. If you choose delivery, the RV will be brought to your location. This convenience comes at a price, ranging from $6,000 to $10,000, depending on the RV type. Luxury RVs or Class A trailers are the priciest. However, if you're willing to pick up the RV yourself, rates are more affordable, typically between $100 and $200 per night.

You may wonder where to find these RV rentals. A simple Google search will reveal numerous options near Black Rock City. Websites like RVshare, similar to Airbnb, list RVs for rent directly from their owners, helping you find one that best fits your needs.

My personal choice is the pick-up option. Preparing the RV for the event with my friends is part of the adventure. Here are some crucial preparation steps for your RV: first, ensure all aspects of the vehicle are functioning correctly and that no tanks are leaking. Next, seal every opening, joint, hole, or any area where dust might infiltrate. For this, I recommend using exterior painters tape, which holds up well against heat.

Don't forget to protect your vents and electronics by covering them with cloth for an extra layer of dust protection. Bring additional air filters to swap out after the event. Keeping your RV cool is also vital. Use curtains, reflective visors, or sun shades to cover windows, and aim to use a single entrance to keep dust at bay.

How do I protect my RV at Burning Man?

Prepare for the inevitability of dust by placing a mat at your RV's entrance to clean your feet. Plan to have enough fuel and possibly bring extra. You should also prepare for minor repairs by bringing along a small toolkit. A bucket can be beneficial for containing gray and black water or leaks. Consider securing roadside assistance for any significant issues during your trip.

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Keep in mind that you'll likely want to charge your phones and other devices. Generators can be noisy, so solar panels might be a quieter, eco-friendly alternative.

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Conserving water is essential during your stay. Campground toilets can help save water, and you'll need to manage any leaks swiftly. Having a 5-gallon bucket handy can help contain any unforeseen spills.

Remember, your Burning Man experience is an adventure – from the planning stage to the dust-filled horizon of Black Rock City. Happy travels!

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